• QR code guided AGV

QR code guided AGVs are intelligent warehouse materials handling robots. Their speed can reach 90m/min, and they are capable to transport the materials on the shelves from the huge storage areas to the designated places according to requirements, facilitating operators to carry out the secondary sorting and packaging out of the warehouse. The robots not only effectively improve the efficiency of warehouse inbound and outbound, but also reduce labor and error rates, save operating costs.

Intelligent warehouse sorting system

  • "Goods for goods", high sorting efficiency, low labor intensity,
  • Designated deposit/receipt of goods/goods, low skill requirements,
  • Out/inbound document processing, efficient path scheduling operation, and in-store material information storage trinity software processing system,
  • Only simple warehouse infrastructure, less civil construction investment,
  • The system is easy to construct, fast, flexible, and easy to relocate.

Basic combination unit
  1. FCL picking: The system specifies the location, the operator takes out the whole box and confirms it through the QR code scanning system.
  2. Single seeding: The operator scans the rack hole bar code and the bar code required for the inbound document, and then places the item in the corresponding space.
  3. Dismantling according to the specification: The system specifies the location, the operator takes out the corresponding item and confirms it through the QR code scanning system.

Driving mode
  1. Straight line walking: in the two-dimensional code dot matrix map, realize linear movement along the longitudinal and horizontal directions of the code,
  2. In-situ rotation: In the two-dimensional code point position, the in-situ rotation centered on the two-dimensional code is realized,
  3. Turntable lifting: In the static state of the car body, the lifting of the turntable is realized,
  4. Turntable coupling: In the case of reverse coupling of the turntable and the body rotation, the vehicle body has a 360-degree rotation range, and the turntable maintains an angle with respect to the ground.

Application industry
E-commerce warehouse sorting, third-party logistics, in-plant complete sorting logistics.

  QR code AGV
  Product Model
  Product Number
  Product Size
  Guidance Type
  QR code guide
  Moving Direction
  Forward, Backward, Left, Right or 90 degree turn
  WiFi / Serial
  Driving Method
  Steering Wheel Control
  Driving Power
  Carrying Capability
  AGV Type
  Back rise Type
  Moving Speed
  Turing Radius
  2-3 degree
  Guidance Precision
  Stop Precision
  Working Method
  24 Hours
  Charging Method
  anual Charging or Automatic Charging
  Safety Induction Range
  ≤1m,Adjustable the distance for emergency brake is less than 20mm (adjustable)
  Alarm Type
  Sound-light Alarm
  Lead Acid Battery or Lithium Battery
  Safety Protection
  Front Obstacle Testing Sensor + Mechanical Anti-collision Mechanism Double Protection + Emergency Stop Button
  Design Life
  >10 Years

QR code guided AGV

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